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Since 1997 Organik is Kurt Allerslev, Marshall Weber, C. K. Wilde, and guests. As the name implies Organik is a spontaneous artmaking group, with spice, natural material, and on the streets globally trace-material-image monographic sampling and remix, trade-route- collage (imagining decolonization). Unique artists' books, drawing, installation, painting, and performance making in a collaboratively, telepathic relation, non-authorial. Ideas, ecological, and theological from direct action to meandering. Group has a hard time not using yellow. Artist/scientist Kurt Allerslev is a plant chemist and artist. He is a founding member and current President of Booklyn's Board of Trustees, and has worked collaboratively with Organik members since the early 1990s. Artist/curator Marshall Weber is a founding member and current Director Curator for Booklyn, Inc. Artist/publisher (Artichoke Yink Press) Christopher Wilde is a founding member of Booklyn and collage artist extraordinaire. His exemplary collage work can be found at libraries and museums throughout the world. The group is well known for its Vegetable Mind performances and for its signature use of wax rubbings and hand-painted spice based pigments.