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Graphite, Rubbing


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Brooklyn, NY




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Bayerische Staatsbibliothek

Columbia University, Butler Library

A unique book by Organik, 2008, 28 pages, 19.5 x 13 inches, Brooklyn, New York

Artwork and book design by Organik: Kurt Allerslev, Marshall Weber, Christopher Wilde
Calligraphy by Eliana Perez
Poem by Marshall Weber
Spanish Translation of poem by Eliana Perez and Alejandro Garcia
Binding by Sara Parkel

Trace samplings (microscopic samples of each geographic location) and wax and graphite rubbings from monuments and plaques in:
Frankfurt, Germany
Manhattan, New York, USA (including the 9/11 Firefighters’ Memorial)
Paris, France
Seoul, Korea
Weimar, Germany (including the Hafiz-Goethe Memorial)

Pantheon places a cavalcade of historical figures and events into the diminutive temple of a book. Using people and events as symbols of emotional states associated with passion and drawing a metaphorical cat’s cradle of the relations between the letter and botanical form, and the human body and the body politic. Thus we move from Rousseau as embodying nature, flowers, and romance, to 9/11 representing fire and disaster to the vast river and sewer systems of Seoul taking their place as the icon of the vitalizing element of water.

With texts in Arabic, English, French, Korean and Spanish,
English Translation of the Pantheon Poem

I’m smelling flowers more than I ever did
smashing my face into delicate blossoms
snorting their aromas loudly
moving on to a different flowers smell

Fragrance is so intimate
intimate like the sweat of flowers
like the sweat that mixes with the perfume and cologne that skips down our bodies

Do you feel that heat?
its like the air was on fire
that’s how we burn
lighting coursing between us
until our juices quench the flames