Mobile Print Power Box Set

Mobile Print Power Box Set



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Fabric, Photography, Silkscreen


17 × 13 × 3 in


New York, NY

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The Mobile Print Power Box Set is a collection of artwork, photographs, ephemera, and writing that documents the collective’s history, from 2013-2022.

Since 2013 Mobile Print Power has been using its methodology for participatory design in public spaces and a pair of portable silkscreen printmaking carts to engage communities and explore social and cultural situations. To transmit the work that we co-create with the community we make books, prints, and public sculptures. Each project that we do reflects our belief in the value of shared artistic production.

This box set collection presents their history through a series of questions, statements, prints, and other ephemera. The collection is divided into eight categories, represented by 7 questions and one statement. Each of the fabric bags is printed with a graphic and one of the questions or statements. The writing and objects found in each bag respond to the question or statement, through graphics, personal narrative, and objects/ephemera.

The categories are:
¿Cómo empezó este trabajo? How Did This Work Start?
¿Cómo Hace Arte Público MPP? How does MPP make public art?
¿Quiénes Somos Y Cómo Nos Gusta Pasar El Tiempo Juntxs? Who are we and do we like hanging out together?
¿Cuáles Son Las Partes Visibles E Invisibles De MPP? What Are The Visible And Invisible Parts of MPP?
¿Qué Espacio Ocupamos En El Mundo Del Arte Y Cuál Es Nuestro Papel En La Comunidad? What is our place in the Art World and What is our Place in the Community?
¿Cuál Es Nuestra Estrategia Para Exhibir Nuestras Obras En Galerías E Instituciones? How Do We Approach Exhibiting Our Work In Galleries And Institutions?
¿Somos Activistas? Are We Activists?
¡Creemos En El Podar Del Trabajo Colaborativo Y Colectivo! We Believe In The Power Of Collaborative And Collective Work!

The deluxe edition of the box set, which included five banners and one book, has been acquired by the Archives & Special Collections at the University of Connecticut.

Find the digital version of the print monograph here.