Josh MacPhee

Icons of Resistance

Josh MacPhee

Icons of Resistance



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Brooklyn, NY


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Box set of 27 rubber stamps, stamp pads, and informational booklet in an embossed clamshell box. Icons of Resistance is built on the concept that protest culture uses a set of recurring symbols as a dynamic, living language that we can learn, pull apart, and refashion as we see fit. This box set is an introduction to that language, with the stamps making up an alphabet— on each of them is a key political symbol, a visual letter-form in its own way. This visual language is used by people organizing to transform their lives the world over, allowing people to communicate across all kinds of borders, be they geographic, linguistic, identitarian, and even time-based.

The 27 stamps include icons likes the fist, the star, the flag, the flower, the skull, and more. The informational booklet shares background on all of these icons and how they can be combined together.