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Streetopia (the book) is an assemblage of works by twenty-four current and former San Francisco artists tentatively associated with the San Francisco Bay Area “Mission School” or “New Mission School” Art movements. These movements are generally considered to have emerged in the early 1990s around a core group of artists who attended (or were associated with) the San Francisco Art Institute. Artists of the Mission School take their inspiration from the urban, bohemian, and “street” culture of the Mission District and are strongly influenced by mural and graffiti art, comic and cartoon art, and folk art forms such as sign painting and hobo art. These artists are also noted for their use of non-traditional art materials, such as house paint, spray paint, correction fluid, ballpoint pens, scrap board, and found objects. Many Mission School artists identify with anarchist, punk, and squatter political motivations familiar to S.F. Bay Area arts practices.

Each edition of the book varies slightly and is subtitled with the name of a different San Francisco neighborhood.