Dutes Miller

Le Toucher

Dutes Miller

Le Toucher



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Spray paint, Stencil




11 × 8.5 in


Chicago, IL


House of Cream

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University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Pictorial exploration of self-touch and queerness. Le Toucher contains illustrations, an artist’s essay, and an exhibition essay.

Jacques Derrida’s On Touching– Jean Luc Nancy the phrase “Le Toucher” is referenced again and again. The phrase translates as both one who touches and one who is touched. And is often used in reference to self touch. Is there “special” knowledge gained by the act of self touch? Does the act of touching one’s self somehow collapse the separation of interiority and the external world? The words self touch or touching oneself quickly leads my mind to masturbation and orgasm. And the state of being that followers cumming, often referred to as “Le Petti Mort”. I love thinking that cumming gives us knowledge that confirms our bodies existence in the world. I also love to think that masterbation is somehow very special for queer people. I know I may be incorrect in this thought but I do like having it. All of this somehow brings me back to the french phrase “Le Toucher” and my obsession with it. It was the title of my 2021 exhibition at Western Exhibitions, the title of a series of works included in the exhibition, and the title for this publication. The images included are primarily from Bear magazine. (except on image from 100% Beef) The images have been altered using stencils and gold spray paint. Enjoy and touch yourself if you are so inspired.