Janelle Rebel

Feminisms of the Upper Air

Janelle Rebel

Feminisms of the Upper Air




Digital print


Artist Book


8 × 8 × 1 in


Sarasota, FL


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George Mason University (GMU)

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

The deluxe edition of Feminisms of the Upper Air is in keeping with just-in-time production, combining print-on-demand technology and digital fabrication techniques. The enclosure and mandola charms are laser cut and engraved on textured metallic cardstocks. The design combines the old-style serif Arno Pro and the display serif ITC Tiffany with original collages made from photocopied book images of Paleolithic, Neolithic, Medieval, and early Renaissance artifacts.

Feminisms of the Upper Air, volume 1, explores the symbolic uses of the feminine in world religion and mythology, as well as art, literature, and philosophy. Its aim is to locate wisdom and value across examples of the eternal feminine. This collection is presented as a multiplicity, a gathering of spiritual feminisms that hover above an ungendered earth.

Skirting Invisible Subjects, volume 2, is a walking essay in eight parts, plus twenty-five fictionless fictions on religion, misogyny, and gender. An idea-field of #ChurchToo, partnership cultures, women priests, liberation theology, dating apps, hyper-masculinity, abortion polls, marriage, divorce, self-betrayal . . .

Mandorla-Modes of Transport, volume 3, is a visual meditation on feminine typologies and a compilation of ecstatic collage-work. As womb-space, heavenly surround, throne, and canopy, the mandorla is a gateway between two worlds. It is the almond-shaped hull and vessel that navigates waters beyond the sea and clouds beyond the sky.