IMAGINE PEACE/DEFUND THE POLICE, a fundraiser care package to support Booklyn Artists, 2020. Edition Size: 6

Suggested donation: $150
(sliding scale options starting at $95)

IMAGINE PEACE/DEFUND THE POLICE is our third limited-edition fundraiser care package that directly supports Booklyn artists. We curate our care packages to be relevant to our present moment. IMAGINE PEACE/DEFUND THE POLICE explores issues of public health, displacement & gentrification, self-defense, revolution, and defunding the police as a necessary step towards a future peace. 

The regular income we provide to Booklyn Artists is a critical resource, and we are doing everything we can to continue to provide this. 100% of proceeds go directly into regular monthly payments to artists while our business is on pause.

Included in this care package:

Under The Burning Cop Cars (Josh MacPhee, 2020, Risograph print on cardstock, 11in x 17in) A two-color risograph print which re-purposes the popular slogan from Paris 1968, “Under the paving stones, the beach.” The poster brings 1968 into the present, both articulating a utopia rooted in social justice—not simply leisure time—and drawing a through-line between the upheavals of the 1960s and the movement on the streets today.

The Day Before The Revolution (Ursula K. Le Guin, 2019; 5.75in x 8.75in, 28 pages plus wrap-around cover with French flaps, 4-color printed Risograph booklet; Saddle-stitched binding) THE DAY BEFORE THE REVOLUTION was initially published in 1974 in Galaxy Magazine. It is the only story Ursula K. Le Guin published in the same story arc as her acclaimed novel The Dispossessed: An Ambiguous Utopia (1974). Laia Asia Odo, the anarchist revolutionary, is tired. She is old and widowed, worried that her memory is failing. She lives in a large commune and is both invisible and glorified by the young activists who live with and visit her. She goes out for a walk. She lives on the planet Urras. It is The Day Before the Revolution. This edition of 1000 copies is the first and only edition that will be printed, and is the first publication in the new imprint Futures and Pasts.

Imagine Peace (5 Year Plan Jhola Project, 2013; 16in x 14in, woodblock print on homespun khadi jhola bag) 5 Year Jhola Project is a Seva (service) in honor of MK Gandhi that produces small editions of jhola bags (sling bags) and reduces the degrees of separation between village India, the contemporary art world, and you. This jhola bag was designed by David Dunlap. © Yoko Ono. Used by Permis­sion/All Rights Reserved

Streetopia (Erica Dawn Lyle, Booklyn, 2015; 5in x 8in, 312 pages, full color) After San Francisco’s new mayor announced imminent plans to “clean up” downtown with a new corporate “dot com corridor” and arts district curators Erica Dawn Lyle, Chris Johanson, and Kal Spelletich brought over one hundred artists and activists together with neighborhood residents fearing displacement to consider Utopian aspirations and to plot alternate futures for the city. This book brings together all of the art and ephemera from the now-infamous show, Streetopia, featuring work by SWOON, Barry McGee, Emory Douglas, Monica Canilao, Rigo 23, Xara Thustra, Ryder Cooley, and writing by Rebecca Solnit, Sarah Schulman, and Erica Dawn Lyle.

Don’t Fucking Touch Me! (Queer Fight School/Mylo Mendez, 2019, pink cardstock, folded one-page zine 4.25in x 2.75in) This pint-size zine is an illustrated guide to break away from the unwanted grip. An essential read for self-protection training. Practice with friends, and feel prepared to get free!

Defund the Police Mask (Monica Johnson, 2020; linocut printed 100% organic cotton throughout, one size fits all) During the New York State on PAUSE order, Johnson sewed and distributed masks as mutual aid throughout NYC. Some are now becoming available in small batches as fundraiser items. Masks have an opening to insert a filter (not included). Flexible nose wire and durable organic cotton woven ties for a secure fit. Hangs safely and comfortably from the neck when at a safe social distance. Ties at one point behind the head when wearing. This design makes it easy to hang between uses. A printed mask pattern is included.