Beldan Sezen

#Gezi Park

Beldan Sezen

#Gezi Park




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Impressions from the happenings in Istanbul, Turkey from the end of May 2013 until June 18th.

“I remembered the pressure I felt by only walking once through Üsküdar, a neighbourhood that had a growing population of AK party supporters in recent years, being stared at and frowned upon by women and men for my clearly improper appearance and how it had made my stroll to the ferry like running the gauntlet.

I was dumbfounded by Erdoğan’s shameless lies, the ridiculous “hardliner” and shallow “father” macho cliche that only James Gandolfini, may he rest in peace, could top in his role as Tony Soprano.

I wasn’t in Istanbul (I’m living in Amsterdam) but my heart and mind was. Yet with my physical body being in a completely different society and daily lives just went on after it wasn’t hot news any longer, I could transform my isolated emotions into something more constructive, a graphic story.” — excerpts from #Gezi Park

A short burst of comics and text to keep our memory sharp. What happened in Istanbul during 2013 uprising? Why? Facts, images, first hand news and thoughts about the protest, as seen by a comic journalist currently living in the Netherlands.