Beldan Sezen

Zakkum, a Graphic Murder Mystery

Beldan Sezen

Zakkum, a Graphic Murder Mystery






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Zakkum (“oleander” in Turkish) is a graphic murder mystery about family, loyalty, love, cultural etiquette, and taboos. The narrator, an artist in her early 30s, lives in Amsterdam. A letter arrives one day from her favorite aunt in Istanbul with a cry for help, only to be followed soon after by news of the aunt’s death. Alarmed by this unusual coincidence, the narrator sets off to investigate a possible murder in a city she knows only from childhood holidays and a recent love affair. Family secrets, poisonous plants, and a blinding dislike for her uncle lead the narrator to jump to the wrong conclusion! Humorous and moving, Zakkum is a unique story and a refreshing glimpse into gay life in Istanbul.