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Gouache, Hand-painting, Watercolor


Coptic, Hand-sewn


Artist Book


8 × 8 in

$ 6,800.00


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Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

Deep End is both a celebration of the sea’s rich diversity and a mourning of its impending demise. As its levels rise and its pH lowers, the sea is losing its ability to sustain life, another collateral victim of our species’ march of progress.

A combination of gouache, watercolor, and ink depicts a world of strange and beautiful sea creatures which recall the 19th Century zoological charts and Cousteau film stills. Both of which document the oceans in a preindustrial state which is teeming with diversity and swarming with life. On other pages, we glimpse at the oceans of sometime in the near future. A dimensional script drifts through millions of cubic miles of lifeless water which is accompanied only by the litter of human civilization that no longer exists on earth.

Book design by Christopher Wilde
Text by Josh J. Klatt
Art by Eliana Pérez