Marshall Weber

All of a Sudden

Marshall Weber

All of a Sudden



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Handmade paper, Ink, Rubbing




Artist Book


18.5 × 12.5 in


Brooklyn, NY

$ 2,800.00


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University of California, Irvine (UCI)

All of a Sudden is a unique book that speaks for itself; it is one in an open and ongoing informal series of ‘self-conscious’ books by Weber. The book directly addresses the reader as if it were a conscious and critical persona and challenges the relationship of the reader to both the material object of the book and to the murky boundaries of subjectivity and sentience.

Complicated by its use of German, Indian, and other historical and cultural references All of a Sudden brings a deceptively simple but lush psycho-social terrain into the viewer’s hands and mind.

The book is made on gorgeous hand-made and dyed Hanji papers made near Seoul and uses rubbings from various locations in Germany and ink painting and calligraphy to form a montage of text and images that interrelate via the pass-through of the ink and rubbings from page to page.

The book is unbound and should be read newspaper-style while held in both hands, as the texture and sound of the papers is crucial to the reading of the book.