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Happy Birthday Booklyn Zine Club πŸŽ‚

November 8, 2021

Our zines-by-mail program is turning two years old this month, and we’re celebrating with a special offer for YOU! 

Join Booklyn Zine Club now until November 21 and get 10% off an annual membership, plus the first 15 new members get a free limited edition Booklyn t-shirt (sizes S – 3XL) or Booklyn Zine Club tote.

Since 2019, we’ve hand-selected and mailed hundreds upon hundreds of zines to individuals and libraries all across the country, throughout both challenging and celebratory times. We love this program, and through it we’ve rekindled our love affair with accessible and independently created print materials.

Zines are the genuine artifacts of our times! We believe in the voices that come β€œfrom below.” The voices that don’t wait for permission to publish, the people who understand the urgency of their stories, and so they build their craft and do it themselves. These are the voices and the stories you will hear from when you join the club. That is our commitment to you. 

By joining Booklyn Zine Club you help us support independent publishers & grassroots storytellers AND you get the most creative and progressive print materials created today.