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Submit your zine!

February 24, 2022

Did you know we are always looking for new zines to distribute?

We do A LOT of zine distribution through our Zine Club, our webstore, and through our client relationships at research and educational institutions in the US and Europe. And we’re finding that it’s getting hard to keep up. That’s a good thing! So we made this application so you can tell us what you think we should consider distributing.

What types of zines are we looking for?

We are interested in a lot of types of zines! In general, if the zine can be used as research or as curriculum support, then we want it. Check out all the zines in our catalog to get an idea of what that can mean. You can also tell us in the submission form how your zine can be used as research or within curricula.

We are always looking for zines with the following themes: feminisms & gender, racial justice, queer liberation, health & wellness, police & prisons, climate justice, and social movements. We love creative and boundary-pushing book designs and bindings too!