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Reading a book educates. Making a book is an education.

June 22, 2021

Back in 2004—when Booklyn was just five years old—we launched the first edition of the Booklyn Education Manual. And, like most projects of that time period, our record-keeping of who did exactly what is blurry. This is partly because Booklyn’s history lies in collectively produced work, and was always on a limited budget.

We do know that it was originally conceived by Jamie Munkatchy and Eleanor Whitney, who headed up our education department. The Manual was so popular when we first shared it, the number of downloads nearly broke our website! To date, we count 30 individuals who have contributed to this evolving manual of 6 binding instructionals, 20 lesson plans, a glossary, a resource list, and countless drawings of adorable underwater creatures. More details here.

When we first created the book it looked like this.

And then we made the abridged manual that looked like this.

And our new 2021 version looks like this! It was re-edited by Booklyn staff and re-designed by Partner & Partners.

Next up for our Education Manual is a limited edition fundraiser to support multiple language translations of the free pdf manual.

If you are interested to contribute to the Booklyn Education Manual in the future, download the manual (above) and follow instructions on how to do so.

We make books to make change. We make books to be joyful. We make books to make our voices heard.