Zine Workshop for Educators (2019)


March 23 & 24th, 2019; 12-4pm

140 58th Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA

$25 for single day workshops, $45 for 2 day series, purchase tickets here.

Join Booklyn this March for a 2 part series of zine workshops created specifically for educators. This workshop will cover an overview and history of zines, zine design and creation, and how to use zines in the classroom. Participants will create zines that facilitate reflection, art-making and writing on teaching practice. We will provide hands-on training to teachers on how to facilitate zine-making in their classrooms. The workshop aims to bring the history and practice of zine creation to public school classrooms across New York City. On the second day, participants will create their ownzines.

Saturday, March 23; Introduction to Zines & Classroom Use
Participants will be introduced to a variety of zines, learn about their history, and how to facilitate zine-making in the classroom. Participants will create their own one-sheet zine, and learn how to teach this process to their students.

Sunday, March 24; Fundamentals of Design & Production
In the first half of the second session participants will learn more in depth analog production techniques, including fundamentals of materials, page layout, cover design, and simple binding techniques. In the second half participants will develop their own multi-page teaching zine that they can share with their classroom.

Participants are welcome attend one session or both. Each day participants will produce their own zine example to take back to their classrooms.

Email [email protected] with any questions.