My Favorite Book

June 1 - 30, 2021

Throughout June, Booklyn will present My Favorite Book, an online program where 18 artists will present the most favorite book they’ve ever made. Events will take place live on our YouTube channel.

How “favorite” is defined will be up to each artist. It could be the book that made them a better artist or human; it could be a book that was incredibly challenging to make structurally or a challenging subject matter; or it could be something more direct: that it sold well, or that it reminds them of someone they love.

This programming gives voice to a broad spectrum of artists committed to working in the book format and to explore that commitment by hearing directly from them. Briefly, concisely, and candidly. Underlying all of this is our belief that the book format is more important now than ever.

Participants include: Ganzeer, Colette Fu, Candace Hicks, Homie House Press & Adriana Monsalve, Hyperlink Press & Taehee Whang, sTo Len, Josh MacPhee, Eliana Perez, John Mejias Vasquez, and others. Full schedule with links are listed below.

Drop-in any evening at 7pm for a 30-minute episode. Recordings will be saved to our website to view in the future. Attendees will receive a free pdf download of our Booklyn Education Manual, re-designed in 2021 by Partner & Partners. 

7-7:30pm, Monday-Thursday, all June

Free and open to the public

You can watch this program live on our YouTube Live channel. Be sure to follow us on Insta @booklynart for reminders and updates.

June 1: Maria Veronica San Martin

June 2: sTo Len

June 3: John Vasquez Mejias

June 7: Erik Ruin

June 8: Josh MacPhee

June 9: Homie House Press & Adriana Monsalve

June 10: Mylo Mendez

June 14: Candace Hicks

June 15: Evgenia Kim

June 16: Eliana Perez 

June 17: Hyperlink Press & Taehee Whang

June 21: Half Letter Press & Marc Fischer

June 22: Colette Fu

June 23: Ganzeer

June 24: Beldan Sezen

June 28: Danielle McCoy

June 29: Sofia Szamosi

June 30: Leopoldo Bloom

This exhibition was made possible in part by funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council.

Illustration by Mylo Mendez.