Box Set Program

Booklyn’s Box Set Program supports artists and organizations working toward social and environmental justice. The program archives the work of artists and social justice groups who produce exceptional print-based work addressing urgent cultural issues of our day. Booklyn works to create the box sets and to place them within institutions that will activate the materials within curricula, as exhibitions, and as research. 

Since July 2017 Booklyn has produced over 30 box set editions in collaboration with artists and organizations such as Voces de la Frontera, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Poor People’s Campaign, FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture, Interference Archive, JustSeeds Artist’s Cooperative, CultureStrike, Mariame Kaba, Nicolas Lampert, and Zoe Beloff, among many others. 

This program raises significant funds to support the continued work of these organizations and artists. It also raises their public profiles and highlights their impact on and contributions to the greater cultural dialog. Booklyn’s role in introducing this work to academic, artistic, and cultural institutions helps to enrich and diversify public collections, increasing opportunities for ancillary public programming visits for these artists and organizations.

A box set includes a variety of materials that fall into four categories: ephemera, documentation, didactics, and media. This can include photographs, original artworks, posters, zines, flyers, banners, interviews (both scripted and on video). Each box set includes a monograph publication with descriptive information and a full inventory of works included.

Box sets are produced in editions ranging from 5-20 depending on the complexity and availability of materials. Special pre-sale limited edition box sets that include rare or unique materials sometimes provide the necessary funds to produce materials. We are grateful to a number of institutions that have collected Booklyn Box Sets: The British Library, The Library of Congress, National Museum of Women in the Arts, New York Public Library, University of Connecticut, New York University, University of California, Yale University, Harvard University et al.

Please contact us directly to review current and future box set availability.

This program is made possible in part by funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council.