Booklyn Zine Club

For the love of zines.

Some of us have really big feelings about zines. At Booklyn we have a passion for them.  For those who share that love, there’s Booklyn Zine Club. For anyone who likes trying new things, and is interested but unfamiliar with zines, Booklyn Zine Club is for you too. Four times a year, once a quarter, zines gathered by us can make their way to you.

We look at Zine Club as something that is positive for everyone. When you join:

  • You get insightful & entertaining zines delivered to your door. 
  • You are building a personal zine collection. 
  • You help us to support more zine creators. With Zine Club’s financial backing, we’re able to make larger orders from zine makers. The more people who join Zine Club, the more support we can provide. 
  • You’re supporting Booklyn. Thanks!

Heres how Booklyn Zine Club works:

Choose the membership that’s right for you. Get as many as 6, or as little as 1 zine per shipment. Zine Club works well as a personal subscription or as an institutional aid, delivering steady additions to zine libraries.

We’ll hand-select the zines that will surprise and delight, along with a respectable amount of bonuses.

All zines you receive are curated by Booklyn staff to align with Booklyn’s values, covering topics such as activism, ecology, environmental and social justice, political and cultural commentary, feminisms, DIY culture, self-publishing, and social media critique. When you join, the voices from within these communities reach further.

During your sign up process (or anytime during your membership) you can tell us if there are any subjects you would want to avoid, and we’ll make sure to curate your selection accordingly.

Cancel or change your membership anytime.

Here’s a little more guidance:

  • ZINE ARCHIVIST is perfect for institutions that collect zines or want to start.
  • TRUE BELIEVER is great for individuals who collect zines or want to start.
  • CO-CONSPIRATOR is a good fit for individuals who love creative reading materials.
  • ALLY is a nice way to ease into zine culture.

For institutional collectors, we recommend contacting us directly at [email protected].