Booklyn Zine Club

Get zines, be connected.

You want to stay connected to the latest in creative publishing, but it will be a while before bookstores and zine fairs are back in full swing. Good news—there’s Booklyn Zine Club!

This program was created in 2019 with three goals in mind:

  • to promote zine collecting by individuals and institutions
  • to support a greater number of zine creators
  • to encourage independent publishing and grassroots storytelling

Since then, the pandemic has shifted us all into virtual spaces. And as a result, we are missing out on the in-person culture that makes zine culture so inclusive and vibrant. Therefore, we’ve added another goal:

  • to cultivate a zine community connected by hand-selected zines, delivered to you by USPS

Here’s how it works:

Choose the membership that’s right for you. Select the subjects that interest you. We’ll hand-select the zines that will surprise and delight, along with a respectable amount of bonuses. 😉 Cancel or change your membership anytime.

Here’s a little more guidance:

  • ZINE ARCHIVIST is perfect for institutions that collect zines or want to start.
  • TRUE BELIEVER is great for individuals who collect zines or want to start.
  • CO-CONSPIRATOR is a good fit for individuals who love creative reading materials.
  • ALLY is a nice way to ease into zine culture

(All of these also make a great gift membership.🎁 See this option when you check out.)