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Freedom of the Presses: Artists’ Books in the 21st Century *Pre-Order*

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Freedom of the Presses is a textbook and a toolbox for using artists’ books and creative publications to further community engagement and social justice projects. The book aims to expand and enhance scholarship about creative book-making relevant to the diverse global community of librarians, publishers and readers. Freedom of the Presses features commentary and images from contemporary artists and scholars.

with essays by:
Kurt Allerslev :: Tia Blassingame :: Stephen Dupont :: Karen Eliot :: Bridget Elmer :: Fly :: Ganzeer :: Sarah Kirk Hanley :: Richard Lee :: Florencia San Martin :: Mobile Print Power :: Janelle Rebel :: Aaron Sinift :: Suzy Taraba :: Deborah Ultan :: Marshall Weber :: Anton Wurth :: Xu Bing

*Pre-orders will be mailed out in the Spring of 2018.


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