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Sublevarte, a Collective of Mexican artists, was born out of the ENAP (National School of Fine Arts) of UNAM (the National Autonomous University of Mexico), during the student strike of 1999-2000, the longest student strike in history. With more than 12 years of experience, Sublevarte has played an active role in hosting workshops, participating in exhibitions, interventions, performance art, and talks, all while building the professional development of each member of the collective. Some of the recurrent themes for the Sublevarte Collective include: politics and society, immigration, access to goods, culture, and social justice. Recently Sublevarte held a retrospective exhibition at the Interference Archive, in Brooklyn, NY. 
 Members: Irina Arellano W. was born and raised in Mexico City, the city of chaos. Daughter of hippie communists, she learned the meaning of crisis and struggle at a very young age.
 She became an anarchist when she was 15, she had Spanish civil war exiles and anarcho punks as her role models. She went to art school at UNAM and participated in the longest student strike in Latin America that lasted 9 and a half months. She has taken pictures, designed posters, banners, and fliers for countless demonstrations, protests, and summits. She has marched, graffitied, agitated, and barricaded next to her comrades in the streets of the US, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Greece, Germany, Argentina, the UK, Palestine, and Egypt. She lives in New York with a ton of roommates. Luis Ramón Campos-García Born and raised in Mexico City, Luis Ramón studied at ENAP, UNAM. During the student strike, he was part of Antídoto Visual, a group of students that produced posters. In 2003, Luis Ramón migrated to the United States of North America, where he earned a B.A. in Art Studio at California State University, Sacramento. He has been producing artworks and graphic design to support student and community organizations working for social justice in California. Joel Martínez Huerta is a photography specialist who graduated from ENAP, UNAM; currently, he is a senior designer at the communications department of the Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México (Autonomous University of Mexico City). Veronica Medina Juárez is a photography and animation specialist who graduated from ENAP, UNAM; currently, she is a senior designer at the ad agency Terán\TBWA. Lourdes Alettia Molina Rivera holds a B.A. in Sociology from UNAM, a B.A. in Social Communication, and an M.A. in Communication and Politics from UAM (Autonomous Metropolitan University). She has collaborated in diverse projects, developing and implementing group work techniques. She has also developed independent media projects in areas such as radio, photography, and video. Currently, she works in the movie industry doing set design and wardrobe. Gandhi Noyola Velázquez was a student and participant in the Strike Committee of the ENAP at the Autonomous University of Mexico during the student strike of 1999-2000. Out of this experience, he participated in various collectives on a series of graphic and visual art projects based on social issues; Ghandi has participated in, and coordinated the printing process of, many different graphic arts campaigns which have had the goal of promoting a critique of social issues. He has coordinated the promotional campaigns of many films for example the movie: “Corazón del Tiempo” (México 2009). Ghandi is an active adherent to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle (June 2005) and is a specialist in the printing process. Marco Antonio Rodríguez Gutiérrez is a web design and multimedia specialist who graduated from ENAP, UNAM; currently, he is the head of the design department at the CELE (Center of Foreign Languages Teaching). Mariana Sasso Rojas is an editorial design specialist who graduated from ENAP, UNAM; as a freelance designer, she has been in charge of the editorial design of the gastronomy section of Excélsior newspaper. She has also worked with the graphics design department of Concepto Museo, a museography company. Currently, she is working on a project for WWF- Mexico. Andree Lilian Guigue Pérez has a B.A. in Political Economy from IPN (National Polytechnic Institute), and is a Master candidate in Environmental Education, at UACM (Autonomous University of Mexico City). She has specialized in environmental studies, and territorial planning, developing proposals based from human rights perspectives. She has always participated in the social movements from “below and the left”. She experienced the strike of 1999-2000 at UNAM, the absolute and unconditional support reflected in her thesis for her bachelor’s degree, based on education in Mexico at the end of the twentieth century, dedicated to the student movement; for this reason, she was elected as a spokesperson to denounce the February 6, 2000 attack on UNAM, at the congress of LatinAmerican Continental and Caribbean Student Organization, at La Habana, Cuba. Later, in her search for new forms of acting and being, she began a collaboration with Sublevarte Colectivo, an important experience that has lefts its mark through its collective forms of active organization.