Printed Matter Inc.


Founded in 1976, Printed Matter, Inc. is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination, understanding, and appreciation of artists' books and related publications. As one of the world’s largest publicly available source for artists' books, Printed Matter is an important voice in a vibrant and expanding field. At the heart of PM’s mission is a longstanding open submission process, inviting artists and independent publishers to submit their books for sale. PM circulates over 32,000 publications annually on behalf of artists and small presses through its non-profit store in Chelsea (195 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY), its online catalog, and other distribution channels. In addition to maintaining an expansive inventory of 37,251 titles from 26,659 artists, Printed Matter is a dynamic center of non-profit services and activities offered in support of artists who make books. It maintains a busy programming calendar that includes exhibitions of contemporary and historically significant artists' books, artist talks, book launches and performances, a PM Window Series presenting installations in the Chelsea storefront window, and a recently revamped PM Publishing Program. The organization also offers a number of services intended both for those familiar with the field of artists' books and those encountering the medium for the first time. The Printed Matter Archive, collected since the organization’s founding in 1976, stands as an important record of the developmental trajectory of the artists’ book field as it intersects with Printed Matter’s institutional history. PM Fairs also organizes the annual NY Art Book Fair and LA Art Book Fair, the world’s largest events showcasing and celebrating the international artists’ book community, attracting a combined total of over 43,000 visitors each year. As a way to further promote the visibility of these publications, PM also extends offsite to a number of leading art fairs, independent zine fairs, and other events worldwide.