Hyperlink Press


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Hyperlink Press is a zine/curatorial collective that seeks to distribute work by artists that navigate in-between spaces of the internet, queer communities, and diaspora experiences. Our mission is to uplift the marginalized and underrepresented experiences, identities, and histories in the art gallery and technology field. Hyperlink Press reminisces the early 2000s that showed us exciting alternatives to traditional forms of community building for a more equitable world.

Hyperlink Press was founded in December 2018 by Taehee Whang, along with Jeong Lee, and Minsoo Thigpen, who are all graduates of Rhode Island School of Design. They were awarded Printed Matter’s Shannon Michael Cane Award 2020, Abrons Arts Center AIRSpace residency 2020-2021, and MoreArt Engaged Fellowship 2021.

Location: Brooklyn, NY & South Korea Website Instagram