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Evil Twin Publications was created in 1994 by identical twins Stacy Forte (formerly wakefield) and Amber Gayle as a platform for their zine and book projects. At the time, both were living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands where Stacy studied design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and Amber toured Europe with punk bands. Inspired by American personal zines, the twins produced the first edition of the "My Evil Twin Sister" series; "Greetings from the Endless Highway." (1994) Amber's recounting of a whirlwind love affair in the unfriendly company of touring redneck musicians. Drawings from stacy's sketchbook accompanied the story. The next two "My Evil Twin Sister" zines also followed travel narratives; "No. 2: Hometown Interstate 5" (1996) recounts a trail of memories up the West Coast. The novella "No. 3: Ramble Right" (1998) takes place in Northern Germany. "My Evil Twin Sister No. 4: Notta Lotta Love Stories," (2000) is shiny, pink, and more ambitious: Amber's tales of love, requited and not, add up to a searching portrait of modern romance. The work was excerpted in index magazine in November 2001. Stacy and Amber also began creating more elaborate, limited edition artists books in 1994. "Transient Songs" (1995) a collection of Amber's poems and Stacy's photographs, was produced in full color in a hand-bound edition of 500 copies at the Knust stencil workshop in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The second Evil Twin book, "Not For Rent: Conversations with Creative Activists in the U.K." began with a modest edition of 1000 copies but is now in its third edition. To create this book, Stacy and her Dutch friend Grrrt travelled through England and Scotland for a summer collecting interviews and photographs of squatters, underground musicians, and political activists. A review called it "...a true labor of love and an ode to some of the bravest and funnest souls of contemporary times." (Vice Magazine, 2003) Evil Twin produced a second collection of Amber's poetry and Stacy's photography, "Mud in My Veins," in 1999. After doing several books together, Stacy and Amber began to collaborate with more artists and writers. With poet Zachary Lipez and photographer/musician Nicholas Zinner Stacy created two books: "No Seats on the Party Car" (2001) and the limited edition "Slept in Beds" (2003). These projects led to Stacy and Nicholas' 2005 collaboration on "I Hope You Are All Happy Now," a huge album of Nick's photos, which was published by St. Martins Press. In 2004, Evil Twin released the first edition of a zine of artwork and writing about cats, "Catholic No.1: CATS," edited by photographer Glynnis McDaris and writer Jesse Pearson. The original edition of 1000 copies was hand sewn with stichted corrugated cardboard covers. It's popularity led the editors to add more work to a second edition of the same book which came out a year later with the help of art book distributor D.A.P. All Evil Twin publications involve handwork and unique details, which accounts for why the zines as well as the books have been collected by institutions from San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art to Yale University's Sterling Library. "Mud in My Veins" is owned by the Museum of Modern Art in New York and has been exhibited in a group show at New York's Center for Book Arts (Rare Books of the Future, 2001). Other Evil Twin books have been included at group shows at Luxx Gallery in San Francisco (2002), Aion Gallery in Vancouver, B.C., and Rocket Gallery in Tokyo.