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Introducing the Booklyn Bulletin

May 13, 2020

Hi. Many of you know me well, but for those who don’t, I’m Marshall Weber—artist, poet, and Booklyn’s Directing Curator.  First, I want you to know that all of us at Booklyn hope that you are well and safe during this pandemic. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance to you or your community.  

Second, I’d like to introduce the Booklyn Bulletin, a bi-weekly dispatch exclusively for our clients and partners in the international library and museum community. It will focus on the interests and evolving needs of Special Collections, Art Libraries, and Print Departments. The Bulletin will be authored by Booklyn’s curatorial team: Jan Descartes, Beldan Sezen, and myself along with occasional commentary from guest artists, curators, and librarians. 

Every two weeks we’ll spotlight a trend or a news item that is important to the field followed by up with selections of featured artists’ books, prints, or political ephemera with exemplary primary and material research value. 

As we all adapt to remote workspaces and online instruction, and as material acquisition accelerates to match student demands for material access services that approach the efficiency of the internet, Booklyn will be there to serve your needs. In preparation for the fall 2020 semester, we are developing our digital resources and online programming services. Of course, we’ll continue to supply you with artists’ books, political ephemera, and curriculum development consulting that support research and classroom instruction. And in doing so, we can continue our support for the activist artists and social justice organizations we represent. 

Our hope is that the Booklyn Bulletin will be a resource to you, and an enjoyable way to stay connected with our work.

Thank you very much for your generous support of Booklyn.

Marshall Weber
Contact [email protected] for more details, additional images, or to schedule a virtual review.

Radical Culture and Zine Archive
365 items, 1984-2019

Collected by artist, Booklyn Board President and Plant Chemistry scientist (PhD. Fordham University) Kurt Allerslev this is an amazing selection of seminal Zines and other Independent Publications.


Booklyn Zine and Indie Publication Collection
168 items, 1989-2018

The perfect ‘seed’ collection for any library just starting to jump into Zine-land, and a perfect addition to any art, book arts, graphic design, communications, media, or publishing studies programs. This is an eclectic and eccentric collection of zines and independent press publications primarily from the USA.

The Final Ken Campbell Box Set 
51 items, 1977-2008, $12,000

Due to age and illness, acclaimed British artist and printer Ken Campbell, is, regrettably, not printing anymore; and he is now distributing his collection of prints, artists’ books and other ephemera and production material. A necessary addition to any collection that has holdings of Campbell’s illuminating artists’ books.


New Titles & Inventory

Booklyn, edition of 20

ALL TOGETHER NOW is an uplifting and inspiring care package that directly benefits Booklyn artists. All materials inside are both timely and contemplative. They ask us to reconsider what “business as usual” will mean in our near future.


See the Sea, 2020
Viviane Rombaldi Seppey, edition of 6

While we persevere through the Corona Virus crisis, the (related – via habitat decline) Climate Change crisis remains percolating in the background. Seppey’s bittersweet and poetic meditation uses plastic trash bags to viscerally magnify her ecological observations.


The Nervous System, 2020
Organik, unique book

The Nervous System smells of ink and sweat sweet and sour electricity. Lush, dense compositions poetically explore the interconnectedness of dendritic nerve form, fractal equations, plant structure, letterform and the cognitive processes of human imagination. This is a book to get lost in.


Last Chance: Going Out of Print

Call a Wrecking Ball to Make a Window, 2011
Shana Agid, edition of 40

“…a  map-fold book with original text that explores routes taken and spaces made by queer people in New York City from the 1970s through the 2000s. By following the writings of David Wojnarowicz, the queer writer and artist who died of AIDS in 1992, I trace his moves in and through Manhattan’s grid, attempting to link back to my own queer trajectories, first as a young lesbian, and now as a trans person.”  —Shana Agid


Iron Bunnies Hop, 2017
Beldan Sezen, edition of 13,

“When I lived in Amsterdam I met a soldier who is a member of the special sniper unit of the International Criminal Court here in The Netherlands. Questioning the price for my freedom I accepted his offer to join him at an indoor shooting range. I was curious about how to deal with shooting a handgun. Later drawing the parts of a dismantled revolver I visualised my inner observations which occurred during my encounter with the bullet and the gun. By transferring the drawings and text into carefully chosen recycled news prints I put my personal encounter into the context of current threads of social unrest, terrorist attacks and jingoism.” – Beldan Sezen