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How to make a mini-flag book

February 15, 2024

This mini-flag book is a favorite at Zines After School. Now we’re sharing it with you!

Typically, when we make flag books in a workshop, we make them collaboratively. Each participant creates one or several “flags” as an icebreaker activity before we transition to another zine or book activity. While students are busy working, one of our educators binds the collaborative flag book that we showcase at the conclusion of the workshop. It’s usually a fun, “wow” moment, and helps to see each other as collaborators, and therefore, a community of sorts.

But kids sometimes aren’t as “wow’ed” by this. They’ve asked, “Who gets to take the flag book home?” So, we added the mini-flag book to our curriculum so we can do both. And they have a mini-flag book of their own.

We love this book format in particular because the template can be printed out on (2) pieces of 8.5″ x 11″, which makes it more accessible for classroom teachers, or anyone with a basic computer and printer set up. Watch the video below, and download the template to make your own.

The tools we used to make our mini-flag book
Let’s make this cute mini-flag book! by Booklyn