Hey, we did a thing—Zine Camp!

During mid-winter recess—February 20-24, 2023—schools are out, so we are offering a week of hands-on zine and bookmaking activities for kids aged 7-10.

Space is limited!

LGBTQ+ Immigrants: Create Your Own Artists’ Book

We partnered with Queer Detainee Empowerment Project (QDEP) and Brooklyn Community Pride Center to bring together an exciting series of artists’ book workshops in May and June!

Reading a book educates. Making a book is an education.

Back in 2004—when Booklyn was just five years old—we launched the first edition of the Booklyn Education Manual. Our new 2021 version looks like this! It was re-edited by Booklyn staff and re-designed by Partner & Partners. Download it now and share freely!

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