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Our goal: to build a world of self-determined narratives, where hands-on bookmaking skills are used to build communities and understand the world around us. 

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Heck yes, another episode.

Mary Tremonte and V Adams join us to talk about the Queer Ecology Hanky Project – a program and exhibition with a new book that explores the intersection of sexuality, queer theory, biology, and the environment.

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Hey, we made another episode.

Artist, archivist, and educator, Sauda Mitchell joins us to look at the intersections of marginalized students, archives, space engagement, and critical analysis of primary sources, and how she’s merging art, education, and archival practice into one profession.

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Educación de Booklyn ahora en español

Hola, soy María Verónica San Martín.

Soy artista-educadora en la ciudad de Nueva York y les escribo para contarles sobre una serie de tutoriales de creación de libros de artista que hice con Booklyn. 


Hey, we have a new episode.

Lorena Kourousias (NYC) and Hannah Brancato (Baltimore, MD) of The Monument Quilt Project join us on this episode of Booklyn Calling to talk about creating public rituals of healing, undoing white supremacy culture, and how they transformed what started as an art project into a movement.

It’s here: MY FAVORITE BOOK, the online exhibition.

Are you missing episodes of My Favorite Book? Watch them all here in the online exhibition.

Submit your zine!

Did you know we are always looking for new zines to distribute?

We are interested in a lot of types of zines. If the zine can be used as research or as curriculum support, then we want it.

Submit your zine here.

OMG Shirts.

Why make just one when you can make two? That’s what we thought.

Our first one is a limited edition, Molotov Unicorn T-shirt and we love it so much. Illustrated especially for Booklyn, Inc. by our favorite Austin, Texas-based artist & educator, Mylo Mendez. Our second shirt design can be purchased through our Bonfire fundraiser…

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Happy Birthday Booklyn Zine Club 🎂

Our zines-by-mail program is turning two years old this month, and we’re celebrating with a special offer for YOU! 

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Fly Zine Archive on exhibit at Minneapolis Institute of Art

The Fly Archive is now on exhibit now through April 24, 2022, at Gallery 315 at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. In 2018 the Minneapolis Institute of Art acquired The Fly Zine Archive from Booklyn. The collection—2,000 punk, feminist, and queer underground publications—was so precious to us that we wanted to drive the entire archive […]

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