Booklyn Bulletin

Bulletin #11: School’s In (4-evah!)

Educators are always on the front lines of the ongoing struggle for social change. Thank you, to all the librarians, curators, and teachers who have supported our artists and done such an incredible job serving their own communities throughout the challenges of the pandemic. We see you for all that you do, and we are humbled and honored to serve your academic community.

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Bulletin #10: Veronika Schäpers

Veronika Schäpers (b. 1969, Coesfeld, Germany) has long been a well-known name in international artists’ books. I’d describe her work as gentle and utterly respectful to both the subject matter and craft. She was recently featured in the 2020 PBS documentary The Book Makers as part of an eclectic group of people who have dedicated their lives to explore the form and function of the codex.


Bulletin #9: Celebrating Candace Hicks

An extremely prolific artist from Nacogdoches, TX, Hicks works in textiles, embroidery, printmaking, and bookmaking. Her book editions collect coincidental data, joining seemingly insignificant details from different media and experiences to create alternate worlds where they exist and function together. The books as art objects become these universes, holding small worlds where connections relate or obfuscate. Her work is a celebration of possibilities and connections, world-building and world-opening.

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Bulletin #8: Black (Art) History Month

This month Booklyn joins the national celebration of the immense contributions of Black Americans to our culture. To this end, we’ve added a new subject section in our catalog: Black History / Black Futures.

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Bulletin #7: Incandescent Gratitude

Good morning, We wish you a courageous, healthy, and productive New Year. We thank you sincerely for the financial and moral support that Booklyn needed to get through a rough year. This solidarity made it possible for us to be here today, and to continue to bring you the work you want in your institutions.  […]

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Bulletin #6: Comics That Bear Witness

November 10, 2020 Good morning, The power of visual storytelling has been on my mind. We all process so much information and images on a daily basis. It’s overwhelming. I for one have a hard time digesting important facts and separating out what is just click-bait. I find a more comprehensive world in comics. In July, I […]

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Bulletin #5: Textiles, Feminism, & Resistance

Good morning, Textiles took center stage this spring as DIY mask makers—myself included—filled labor and supply gaps our governments failed to do. This widespread mutual aid project that started as something essential to community survival inadvertently became a mass political statement. A political movement, in fact.  And that got me thinking. Within sewing and fabrics is a […]

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Models for Creative Resistance

First, I want to thank all the curators, collectors, librarians, and teachers who have been supporting Booklyn through these difficult and complicated times. We are so grateful for your attention to our bulletins and the support these dispatches have inspired; it’s not hyperbole to say that this has been a lifeline for us.  I can’t […]

Booklyn Bulletin #3

On a scale from one to ten, at which level, would you say, is your pain today?–Brian D. Tripp In this moment of heightened resistance to incarceration and extrajudicial killings of Black and brown people, I’ve been thinking a lot about Brian D. Tripp.I started as Associate Curator for Booklyn last fall and it took […]

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Booklyn Bulletin #2

Hello,  My name is Jan Descartes, and I’ve been with Booklyn for 1½ years. My curatorial specialties are comics, zines, and social justice titles. I am a comic artist, writer and co-curator of Our Comics, Ourselves, a traveling comics exhibition focused on identity and representation. For this Booklyn Bulletin, I am presenting Booklyn’s zine collections.  Some are “traditional” DIY-style […]

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