Brian D. Tripp

Would You Rather Fish or Cut Bait

Brian D. Tripp

Would You Rather Fish or Cut Bait



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Ball pen, Marker pen




10 × 14 × 1 in

$ 4,800.00


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Yale University, Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library

For over 30 years Karuk artist, poet, singer, dancer, and activist Brian D. Tripp spent almost every morning doing drawing interventions on the daily newspaper while he drank his morning cup of coffee. There are thousands of these drawings, ranging from tiny sketches that he cut out and saved and major page spreads of large intricate drawings. Some of the drawings became major installations, exhibitions, or other artists’ books. The style and focus of these drawings were very varied, but the overriding goal of the project, whether subtle or obvious, was inescapable. In Would You Rather Fish or Cut Bait again each drawing disrupted the ‘newspaper’ and added Tripp’s unique commentary on white colonist hegemony on Turtle Island.

In 2022 this series of interventions was bound into an accordion fold structure by master binder Sophia Kramer who has been binding BDT’s work for more than a decade.