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La Escuela de Cultura Popular Revolucionaria Mártires del 68


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University of California, Irvine (UCI)

University of Connecticut (UCONN)

Washington University in St. Louis

Wirikuta is a portfolio about the incursion of mining interests into the sacred Wirikuta lands of the Huichol peoples. First Majestic Silver has obtained permission from the Mexican government for its proposed La Luz Silver Project for the extraction of silver in the Sierra Decatorce. This extraction process transgresses the laws and covenants that protect the area Wirikuta and the Wixarika peoples at national and international levels.

The mining site represents a threat to the environment balance and health of the population in the area, and its greater social impact is the division of local peoples. Chemical substances used in the mining process from previous mines are destroying resources at multiple levels. For example, the mining sites will consume irrational amounts of water in an already arid region. The Escuela joins people and organizations around the world in trying to raise awareness of this tragedy and catalyze an ethical alternative to mining and thus desecrating sacred lands and destroying fragile environments. Five elder artists from the Escuala choose 5 artists to participate, then each artist made a print concerning the current Wirikuta controversy.

The prints are contained in a 22 by 14 3/4 x 1 3/4  inches silkscreened cardboard box with a Huichol hand-beaded inset disk 3 1/4 inch circumference.
One DVD with photos of the artwork, the artists, and a Wirikuta pilgrimage.
One CD with the 5 Spanish texts and translations of the 5 texts into English and French.

Full contributor list:
Lucía Vidales   Argelia Leodegario  Elizabeth Mota Rico  Elisa Suárez Zavaleta  Adriana Hernández Sosa  Sarah Tisdall  Adolfo Mexiac  Aldo Miguel López  Arturo Reyes Mata  Mariana Sasso Rojas  Eduardo Juárez  Fernando Diyarza  Ismael Ramírez Cortez  Gandhi Noyola Velázquez  Francisco Ulises Plancarte Morales  Octavio Jiménez  Jorge Pérez Vega  Joel Martínez Huerta  Leonel Martínez Tenorio  Lesly Yobany Mendoza Mendoza  Rómulo Escuerdo  Santiago Armengod  Román Varela Vázquez  Roberto Romero Alguilar  Raymundo Luis Garcia Rodríguez  Antonio Valverde  Felipe Herneandez  Iseo Noyola Isgleas  Leopoldo Morales Praxedis  Mario Arturo Romero Aguilar  Ignacio Betancourt  Alberto Hijar Serrano  Alberto Becerril Montekio  Jacinto López Villa y familia  Mauricio Genet Guzmán Chávez  Refugio Solis