Marshall Weber

We are the Fa la la

Marshall Weber

We are the Fa la la



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Calligraphy, Collage, Ink, Inkjet, Marker pen, Monoprint, Offset print, Photography, Wax




19 × 15 × .25 in




Brooklyn, NY


Dana F. Smith

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“This book is what happens when a middle-aged fukt-up punk who used to be a hippie kid goes through their fukt-up shit and glues a bunch of it down to some museum boards then scrawls all over it in an act of exuberant, shameless, pop-cultural exhaltation. Completely authentic fukt-up punk hippie shit. Recto = dark punk shit, verso = sunlit hippie shit.

(Translated to International Art English. – This book is an exemplary example of a ‘rough press book’. It illuminates the occasionally oppositional relationship between 1960’s Hippie culture and the 1980’s Punk aesthetic as viscerally experienced by the artist. The entire book is a re-appropriation of the subliminal political ideaologies embedded in pop sub-cultural expression.)

Not available elsewhere. Yet another unique volume in a life-long series of unique artists’ books catalyzed by rock and roll music.

“Peace Train” lyrics written by the ever enigmatic Yusef Islam, AKA Cat Stevens. All other art and text by yours fairly truly.

Yes, that is Courtney Love playing guitar, and no, that is not Courtney Love crowd surfing on a float cushion at a Steve Aioki concert in Kansas City, Kansas, but they are a pretty good look-a-like – right? I always loved the elbow resonance of those two pix.

For the antiquarian book and linguistic historians, yes, that is a proper Renaissance-style use of the term – “Fa la la”, traditionally used to self-censor terms that everyone in the court or carnival audience would probably have known in whatever specific context in any case – implemented to prevent some balladeer or jester from getting their tongue pulled out or their neck guillotined. (This usage has been fastidiously and succinctly researched by scholar (and once upon a time Newberry Library research fellow) Dr. Katie Bank.

Keep it safe, ya’ll!” — Artist Marshall Weber

“We are the Fa la la
we do what we wanna

We are the Antifa
we do what we wanna

We’re in your face
we keep us safe
tra la la la la la”