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Handmade paper, Hemp Cord, Leather, Letterpress, Linocut, Pigment Dyes fibers


Cotton paper


Tacketed Binding


Artist Book


23 × 16 in

$ 6,200.00


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Ohio University, Alden Library

University of Delaware Library

University of Georgia, Athens

There are four available copies in this edition but orders will not be fulfilled till May of 2023.

Voyage intends to link viewers to history through type, text, and image. I want the ‘wind sails’, artists’ book, and poem to take viewers on a visual journey of the Middle Passage, the forced voyage of enslaved Africans across the Atlantic Ocean and to the Americas. The symbolism of the prints corresponds to lines in the poem, which I wrote while I was in graduate school. Here, you can see a family on a hazardous journey across the sea, leading to the separation of a mother and her child and the continued journey of the son away from the warmth of his mother and homeland to unwelcome shores.

My work currently focuses on utilizing printmaking and QR code technology as a creative non-traditional access method linking viewers to archival repositories, curated exhibitions, and aggregated data. Each work serves as a visual response to archival collection materials representative of the many stories that can be found deep within the archival landscape.”
Sauda Mitchell, artist.

A page turning video of Voyage can be viewed here.