Rachel Simmons

Visible Climate: Postcards from America’s Changing Landscapes

Rachel Simmons

Visible Climate: Postcards from America’s Changing Landscapes



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Charcoal, Phototransfer, Watercolor


Drum leaf


Orlando, FL



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Bucknell University

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This interdisciplinary project was completed in 2020 by Lee Lines (geographer) and Rachel Simmons (artist), colleagues at Rollins College who have collaborated on environmentally themed visual art projects since 2010. Visible Climate is the product of more than 175 hours of field work in our national parks, researching and documenting climate change impacts, followed by a collaborative process of translating visual evidence into an artists book to shed light on the impacts of climate change in some of our nation’s most iconic landscapes. To create the work, Lines’ original digital photographs (and two historical national park images) were reduced to black and white, transferred to Stonehenge paper, hand-colored and then re-digitized by Simmons. This multi-step process created a selective loss of information and degradation, while the hand-colorization references and challenges romanticized landscapes from postcards produced when the parks were first mass marketed to early 20th century visitors. Lines’ handwritten captions — based on his field work in the parks— imagine the voices of park visitors over decades as they encounter changing habitats, receding glaciers, and drought-altered landscapes.

Each copy includes a print-on-demand artists’ book with fold out postcards and a different original mixed media drawing from the Visible Climate series. The hardcover drum-leaf bound book is 10” x 8” and the drawings average around 8.5” x 11” in size.