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Roman and Charlie, the founders of the Transgender Cancer Patient Project, met on Tumblr in 2017 as a result of Charlie’s vigorous internet searching to find other trans people with cancer. Together they reflected on their experiences and almost a year later decided to start the project. They began by creating a collaborative trans cancer patient anthology zine, Transpire, in order to build community and advocate for healthcare and treatment that recognizes their autonomy and diversity. Through this, they found that there were very few cancer resources and support groups created by and for patients themselves, and even less created with trans people in mind. So, they started the Transgender Cancer Network on Facebook – a support group for and by trans cancer patients to provide a space where trans people with cancer can be together.

The main goal of this project is to support and provide community for fellow transgender cancer patients. The project also seeks to create and collaborate on community-led sources of education and activism in order to de-stigmatize patient experiences and de-gender healthcare at large.

The project uses zines to explore many of these topics because they allow full artistic freedom. Very importantly, this is not a job and those that participate have/will never make a profit from this project. They simply do it because it’s something they care deeply about. Half of all sales monies will be paid to transgender cancer patients directly via cash giving apps or fundraising pages.

“The Transgender Cancer Patient Project and all of the friends we’ve made throughout these years because of it are extremely special to us, and we hope to make our work as accessible and supportive as we can.” – Roman, Charlie, and Lex, The Transgender Cancer Patient Project

Box Set Checklist:

  • Transpire (color) Edited by Trangender Cancer Patient Project, Illustrated by Van Binfa (2018)
  • It Was Never About Climbing Mountains (color) Charlie Manzano (2020)
  • How To Talk To Me (b/w) by Charlie Manzano (2018)
  • Now What? (b/w) by Roman Ruddick (2018)
  • Melahomos (b/w) by Charlie Manzano (2021)
  • Pocket Guide (This zine is also free to print and fold yourself in the Zine Library) by Roman Ruddick (2019)
  • Cancer Has No Gender by Charlie Manzano (2018)
  • Fill In The Blank by Charlie Manzano (2018)
  • Sharks Get Cancer by Roman Ruddick (2019)
  • Trans Cancer Ribbon Sticker (2×3 inches, matte finish)
  • Transgender Cancer Patient Project Sticker (1.5×2.5 inches, matte finish)
  • Box Set Monograph