Tom Law Punk Poster Collection

Tom Law Punk Poster Collection

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Stanford University

1,400 original street posters from the San Francisco Bay Area, California, collected on the street from 1983-1986.

Primarily (90%) 8.5 x 11 inch xeroxed punk rock band show announcements, with some political, art, community service, and event posters.  Conditions vary as these were all posted on the street.
Conditions range from mutilated (5%), poor (10%), good (40%), very good (40%), to fine (5%).
The posters were all collected by Thomas James Law (AKA Tom Law).

Born September 11, 1943, in St. Paul, Minnesota / USA
Died August 29, 2002, in Berlin, Germany

“Tom Law was heroin addicted in the 80’s. He probably moved to SF to score blow. Tom moved to Germany because he had some relatives here. He wanted to get away from the SF smack scene and join a rehab program in Germany.

His German widow [Bridgette Law] walked into RE:Surgo [a Berlin publisher and gallery associated with Booklyn] in May of 2013, she had this trunk for ten years and never opened it. She would like to sell it to a library or museum that will keep the collection intact and name it “THE TOM LAW 1980’s PUNK POSTER COLLECTION”.
— Christian Gfeller, Director RE:Surgo, Berlin, Germany

“This is an amazing time capsule of the old school, street level punk rock scene in the Bay Area, with just enough other subject matter thrown in to give one a great feel for the vital and dynamic street scene of what was once one of the world’s most diverse, radical and creative cities.”

— Marshall Weber, Directing Curator, Booklyn