Marshall WeberStephen DupontTim Page

They Passed Into the Light

Marshall Weber, Stephen Dupont, Tim Page

They Passed Into the Light



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Collage, Etching, Hand-painting, Ink, Inkjet, Natural Pigments, Photo, Rubbing, Silkscreen


Artist Book


19 × 14 in


Archival box

$ 4,800.00


Tim Page passed into the light on August 24th, 2022. NYT obit.
They Passed Into the Light is a collaboration with acclaimed photographer and human rights activist Tim Page and includes one print Stephen Dupont’s photography. It is book three in the Ad Astra Australia series of eight multi-media one-of-a-kind collaged artists’ books, each a unique collaboration of Marshall Weber with three American and four Australian artists.

The media in They Passed Into the Light is wax rubbing collage and mono-print (‘disrubtion’), ink and natural pigment painting on found drawings, photographs, etchings, inkjet, photo-litho, silkscreen, and other print media from
Australia supplied Page (Brisbane) and from New York, as supplied by M. Weber. Most of the photographs in the book were taken by Page and others were taken by friends and associates in the photo-journalist field.

The plaque matrices for the rubbings were from historical markers and memorials in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, and in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. The books use a visual concrete poetry collage approach with a critical and emotional perspective on conventional history and memorials. Both artists and activists in Australia have been heard to say, “after they get rid of the people then they put up a plaque to commemorate them.” The Ad Astra Australia project attempts to rescue and resuscitate these memorial tombstones that are walked over and forgotten along with the communities whose obliteration they signify. The point is not just to make the public aware of the plaques, but to throw the heraldic verbiage and the military aesthetics of the State and Corporate powers back into the popular discourse in honor of those dislocated communities. 

The book comes in an archival box with a rare Tim Page Requiem book element pasted on the covers.