Justin James Reed

The Rock’s Rotation

Justin James Reed

The Rock’s Rotation



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Digital print


Moab paper


Hand-sewn, Stab


Artist Book


12 × 14.25 in

$ 1,500.00


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Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)

The Rock’s Rotation is a hand-bound collection of 44 photographs, an inlaid magnesium die plate on the cover offers insight into the abstract nature of the images enclosed. Reed’s materials-based approach to bookmaking is represented here primarily through the medium, tools, and expressive nature of photography. His photographic works primarily focus on building narrative structures through long-term investigations into landscape and the non-human natural world. At their core, they are reflective of his fascination with the possibilities of transforming visual experience through the medium of photography. In many ways, what Reed is looking for is beyond vision, propelling him to constantly search for ways to transcend the act of seeing through a medium linked to optical reality. His work is therefore reflective of his interest in what is possible, whether through a psychic relationship to landscape or through conveying a sense of mystery and awe around natural phenomena.

Paper: Moab Lasal Photo Matte 235gsm hand-cut (12″ x 14.25″)