Christopher Wilde, Kurt Allerslev, Marshall Weber

The Presence of Something

Christopher Wilde, Kurt Allerslev, Marshall Weber

The Presence of Something



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Crayon, Graphite, Hand-painting, Monoprint, Natural Pigments, Rubbing




10 × 14 in




Brooklyn, NY


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Artists / Authors: ORGANIK: Kurt Allerslev, Marshall Weber, Christopher K. Wilde
Binding: hand-sewn binding, cloth spine, by Sara Parkel
Edition: unique
Pages: 24, dimensions: 14 X 10 inches
Publisher: Organik, Brooklyn, NY
Media: aspiration, drawing, mono-printing, painting, and rubbing with black pepper, curry powder, graphite, ink, marmite, blessed ochre pigments from Australia, tumeric, wax crayon, and other media.

The Presence is another in a series of hopeful incantations in illuminated manuscript form by Organik.  

A rare example of a book in the style of abstract expressionism with the sole text appearing on the cover of the book. The serial nature of the composition composes an active but often broken horizon that suggests an interior sunset, or a series of neural activations.

The horse and iconic man on the front and back covers, respectively, refer to both French and Australian ancient cave paintings, both traditions which often focus on the importance of the hidden and inaccessible. These images provide a context for the reading of the book’s paintings.

“It is not the visibility of things that is important, it is their presence.”

Organik is a collaborative group that creates books, paintings, and installations in a unique, intimate, spontaneous, and passionate mode of choreographed artmaking.