Christopher WildeKelie BowmanKurt AllerslevMarshall Weber

The Place Where The Sun Is Born



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Collage, Hand-painting, Ink, Rubbing, Silkscreen


Artist Book


14 × 19 in



$ 8,000.00


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Harvard University Map Collection, Pusey Library

Another Organik collaboration with guest star Kelie Bowman.

Christopher Wilde rocked a nautical map collage book, which Allerslev, Wilde, and Weber then rubbed various historical plaques from Los Angeles and other locales throughout the world onto. Soon after Wilde handed the book off to Kelie Bowman who blasted light into the pages with her otherworldly screen printing. After Bowman’s ink dried (about two years) Allerslev and Weber did poetry concrete rubbings of texts from historical plaques concerning the history of New York in Foley Square, NYC. Weber then framed the incandescent page spreads with glorious Organik Yellow (turmeric, polyvinyl acetate, H2O) and some calligraphic elaborations.

Thus this incantation to indigenous sovereignty and the mapped oceans of our times was born. Follow the phantasmagoric cartography to a just world for all species – Wetopia.

This is volume one of 6 unique books that form the Wetopia series, Organik’s contribution to the dialog of 2020.