sTo Len

The End (of the World) Papers

sTo Len

The End (of the World) Papers



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Acrylic, Ink, Oil




Artist Book


24 × 19 × 0.75 in


Brooklyn, NY


$ 4,800.00


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Amherst College

Current Artist in Residence at the New York City Department of Sanitation, sTo Len is a self-described eco-feminist whose work spans a wide spectrum of water-based projects.

Tsunamigashi is sTo Len’s take on Suminagashi or “floating ink”, a paper marbling process that originated in Japan in the 12th century. This process produces monoprints by painting patterns onto the surface of water with ink, laying down a piece of paper, and removing it after a few seconds. These patterned papers were initially used by book-binders as decorative endpapers to mask the bumps and cords of leather-bound books. They were also used on book covers to hide dirt and wear more successfully than plain paper. Using less traditional materials including a plastic swimming pool, Sto allows dirt, paint, residue (and the occasional insect) to build up on his painting surface for days and weeks while preparing a print. Lead in a meditative trance, the ink and artist succumb to the properties of the water and gravity, letting nature alter the artist’s initial strokes. The resulting artworks are textured and dimensional, infused with dirt and often pieces of the floor. Sto’s chance intervention of dirt and residue teases the decorative origin of this process, channeling Arte Povera and Dada tendencies. Sto Len is a Brooklyn-based painter, muralist, musician, performance artist, self-publisher, and co-founder of Cinders Gallery.