Mark Taylor

The Box Set (single prints)

Mark Taylor

The Box Set (single prints)



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Dartmouth College, Hood Museum

Rhode Island School of Design, The RISD Museum

Loose prints, edition of three. “I’m Sorry in Advance” is an AP.
Recorded on an Epson 9880 with Museo Max Fine Art Paper

Box Set began with a notebook full of titles for unwritten stories and unmade films that I have been collecting for years. These titles started arranging themselves into groups of ten, which reminded me of track listings on record albums. I quickly realized that I was writing a book and used the constraints of the record album to explore that form’s narrative possibilities. Song titles had to sound plausible; their ordering – in combination with liner notes, spine text, and album graphics – was put in service of a very economical form of storytelling that ended up being about boxes, real and imagined, and the possible music they might contain.