Victoria Law

Tenacious Zine Box Set: art & writings by women in prison (2002 – 2020)

Victoria Law

Tenacious Zine Box Set: art & writings by women in prison (2002 – 2020)



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Black Star Publishing, Booklyn, Inc.

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Brooklyn Public Library

Bucknell University

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New York University (NYU)

Oberlin College

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Tenacious Zine Box Set was created as part of Booklyn’s Box Set Program. For more details about this program click here.

This box set archives every issue of Tenacious: art & writings by women in prison, spanning two decades. This is the first collection of all Tenacious zines available in their entirety, including original materials from contributors and institutions. The Tenacious project is spearheaded by prison abolitionist, prolific writer, speaker, and activist, Victoria Law. This boxset is a primary resource for experiences and widespread impacts of mass incarceration.

Included in each boxset are all 44 issues of the zine, starting in Spring 2002 and culminating with the final issue in the summer of 2020. Zines will be from the first printing or the 2021 second printing. Also included are two original handwritten submissions and one box set catalog. This box set is the first such collection created and is a valuable resource for academic institutions. Subject matter includes pregnancy and motherhood, mental health, HIV, harassment, sexual assault, addiction, sentencing, aging, education, sexuality, correction officer and institutional abuse, prison programs, re-entry, experiences of transwomen, self-love, and women working together to support one another.

Original personal correspondences are for private use only and should not be reproduced or cited.

A full PDF description of the Box Set is available here.

1)Complete Tenacious zine set
2)Two original correspondences

1) Two original pieces of artwork that were included in Tenacious zines
2) One Handwritten request for Tenacious
3) One rejection slip or rejected zine from institutions