Halah Khan

Tapestry of the Unsaid

Halah Khan

Tapestry of the Unsaid



Edition Size



Acrylic, Embroidery, Ink, Pearl Cotton Thread




40 × 54 × 1 in


Karachi, Pakistan

$ 6,800.00


Please note that the artist has arranged to donate their proceeds to local flood relief agencies in Karachi, Pakistan.

Tapestry of the Unsaid is a book whose pages have been sewn and bound into a tapestry form. Iconic symbols of growth, oppression, and Islam are arranged in a rebus of passionate feminist resilience.

Artist’s Statement by Halah Khan:

Tapestry of the Unsaid

Everything becomes unimportant under this big bright moon
We smear our bodies with hope and sin
Calling out for wolves to eat our flesh while we pray to an unborn sun
These streets have cried for long enough
What does it matter if we are loved or not
The stars will still fall
And the sky will tear itself open
And the moons will always be bleeding
And I will lose my head again
I will sit quietly, I will perform my rituals, I will count my steps and I will claw my way back into the earth’s womb
The forest will accept me as its own
and that is my salvation