Marshall Weber

Take Another Piece of My Heart, Vol. I

Marshall Weber

Take Another Piece of My Heart, Vol. I



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Facsimile, Hand-painting, Ink, Pencil


Leather case, quarter


Artist Book


Brooklyn, NY

$ 1,800.00


Ten similar books with similar antique covers function as public diaries of personal hand-written documents and found documents composed primarily of personal hand-written documents and ephemera. The materials have been digitally manipulated, scanned, and rescanned. They are images of the human circulatory system.

There are drawings in the artist’s blood, pen, pencil, ink, marker, and photocopies on varied paper stocks and formats onto stationery, envelopes, scraps. There is artwork blotting and professional papers. Many pages are worn and damaged—burnt, torn, water stained. These are palimpsests of great character and fragments contained in traditional codex bookbinding.

The hand-brushed lyrics excerpted from Janis Joplin’s song title Piece of My Heart are meant as a subtle commentary about the artist’s fragmentation of himself. This is via his artworks and poetry into the literary and art worlds. These books are a comment on the rather ravenous nature of those competitive worlds. The artist has pillaged personal documents and presented them as sacrifices of the private & the public with the use of visceral material. These books illustrate the parallel of the similar symbiotic relationship Joplin describes in her lyrics. There are references to the precarious state of circulatory system health in the United States—a nation of both physical and psychic heart attacks.

Titled as Vol. I through Vol. X

Various media. Hand bound with antique hardcovers by Cat Glennon. Edition of 10. 2007.