Marshall Weber

Tacit Knowledge

Marshall Weber

Tacit Knowledge



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Calligraphy, Ink, Monoprint, Rubbing


16 × 9 × 1 in


Brooklyn, NY


$ 2,800.00

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Athenaeum Music & Arts Library, La Jolla

Tacit Knowledge” is a poetic and fragmented interpretation of the once very popular Doors song “Soft Parade”, from the 1969 Doors album of the same name with lyrics by Jim Morrison.

Featuring Weber’s unique wax rubbings, calligraphy, ink painting, and mono-prints from wax rubbing matrices the book is an exuberant re-mix of American icons and experimental calligraphy.

The book is part of a three-year-long series of 12 unique books anchored by images of the Statue of Liberty and excerpted poems concerning New York City and US history.

The covers of the book are formed by a dress of an embroidered India cotton once worn by a Buddhist teacher, and numerous paper types form the text block including Fench, Arches, Gifu Shoji, and others.