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Crayon, Ink, Natural Pigments, Rubbing


Ingres Laid paper


Artist Book


11 × 8.5 in




Brooklyn, NY




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University of Central Florida (UCF)

2010, 11” x 8.5”, 54 pages, unique
Media: cayenne, paprika, and turmeric suspensions using polyvinyl acrylic and water, black Japanese ink, and wax crayon rubbings.
Media: cayenne and turmeric pigments in a PVA and water suspension, brown walnut ink, ink, pencil, wax crayon rubbings.
Paper: Ingres Laid
Binding by Christopher Wilde, cutting by Marshall Weber and Christopher Wilde
Eggshell and Studio Y boutineer and parchment rose collage covers by Kurt Allersev
Painting by Marshall Weber
Rubbing by Organik

A global compendium of text, image and material (dirt, water, metal, organic) samples gathered throughout the world over a period of 14 months as well as many matrix sources from Studio Y in Alhambra, CA and Booklyn Studio in New York. Ta Tung affectively excavates a monumental narrative of global history both libratory and oppressive while also constructing an oblique incantation of poetic resistance activated with the reading of the book.

Ta Tung is Mandarin for “The Age of Great Harmony” and originates from Confucius’ concept of global harmony, “When the Great Way prevailed, the world community was equally shared by all… Thus evil schemings were repressed, and robbers, thieves, and other lawless elements failed to arise so that outer doors did not have to be shut. This was called the age of Great Harmony (Ta Tung)”

Primary locations of outdoor material and matrix samplings:
Germany: Hamburg, Various public works Offenbach Am Main, Nazi transport memorial plaques, various public works  

California, Route 49, the Forty-niner Highway in the Sierras, various plaques in various towns including:
Murphys (town of), various historical plaques
Angel’s Camp, Walk of Fame, Jumping Frogs of Calaveras Country plaques
Columbia, Mark Twains Cabin plaques
Los Angeles, Chinatown, various plaques and surfaces
Alhambra, South Pasadena, various plaques, tombstones and surfaces

Hawaii, Oahu Island, Honolulu and Waikiki:
Duke Kahanamoku Statue in Waikiki and variouswar memorials, street signs, manhole covers, plaques

Manhattan, New York:
Architectural plaques, Park Avenue, 41st Street
Confucius Plaza Memorial, Chinatown
Kim Lau Memorial Arch, Chinatown
Library Walk, 41st, Fifth Avenue

Minneapolis, Minnesota, Pathway to Peace at the Lyndale Park Peace Garden