CUBADavid SandlinGanzeerMarshall Weber

Superstition Freeway

CUBA, David Sandlin, Ganzeer, Marshall Weber

Superstition Freeway



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Acrylic, Calligraphy, Etching, Hand-painting, Screenprint






Brooklyn, NY, San Francisco, CA

$ 3,200.00


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University of Delaware Library

This collaboration between San Francisco graffiti godfather Cuba and artist/poet Marshall Weber features some guest appearances involving some somewhat obliterated screen prints by Ganzeer (the cover) and David Sandlin (two pages). These prints along with three rubbings and text etchings made by Weber (with the accomplished printer Michael Kempson at Cicada Press in Australia) provide the substrate for Cuba’s elaborate illuminated lettering of an apocalyptic poem by Weber.
This unique book is a vibrant example of the dozens of graffiti poetry books Cuba and Weber have produced over the past decade.

Binding by Sophia Kramer
Book concept and design by Marshall Weber
Archive of Cuba’s books

Institutional Collectors: University of Delaware


Superstition Freeway
Awakened by the cold morning
I watched the man lowering
the giant American flag
from the city hall pole
he was a living mummy
of gray thrift store hand-them-downs.

Later I saw the red, white and blue cocoon
hugging a shallow doorway
on the side of the Bank of America building

It feels like
there’s something’s wrong but you don’t know what
like lightning through the hand
a speech that kills the president
songs of numbers
revolutions, coups, civil wars, mass extinctions
it’s a ball of delusion

yeah yeah