Robbin Ami Silverberg

Subterranean Geography I & II

Robbin Ami Silverberg

Subterranean Geography I & II



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Collage, Digital print, Handmade paper


Dobbin Mill paper


Cloth case

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Carleton College

College of Saint Benedict & Saint John's University

Dartmouth College, Rauner Library

Emory University

University of Delaware Library

University of Minnesota

“An artist book variation of my ongoing project in psycho-geography, Subterranean Geography utilizes a cut subway map to explore feelings, defined by specific spaces and travel in NYC. The book is in two parts, each with a text about movement: the first, an ambulatory mapping of my neighborhood; the second, a subway trip loaded with emotions and memory. The layered filigree of subway lines/bus routes/roadways create the seemingly fragile pages, which contrast the directness of the text and remind the viewer of the complexity of both described space and of feelings.” — Robbin Ami Silverberg

Cut MTA subway maps (dating between 2002 -2007), Dobbin Mill papers with archival inkjet. Custom box. Varying edition of 5. 2011, Varying edition of 10. 2012.