Felice E. TebbeMarshall Weber

Stephanie Altered

Felice E. Tebbe, Marshall Weber

Stephanie Altered



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Bibliothèque Nationale de Luxembourg

A collaborative work by Felice Tebbe and Marshall Weber, Stephanie Altered forms part of their magazine series, including MAIM and Your Eyes Make Me Panic

“I learned quite a lot about the fashion industry, how shopping catalogs are designed, who the designers were, and who the models were. Stephanie Alter being my favorite – you can see her in quite a few of my pieces, she’s famous for her Victoria Secret ads and for turning in and pressing charges for aggravated assault against a former boyfriend – Axel Rose of the trash-rock band Guns and Roses – right on Stephanie! – thus proving that nothing is quite as simple as we would like to believe – and that a woman can have a job modeling underwear and still have fortitude and integrity. Stephanie ALTERED became a sort of muse for me…” — Weber